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The ultimate traveller’s collector album. With 221 different countries and territories to check off throughout your lifetime. The album contains a checklist to easily tally your total, a world map and a photo space per country.

About the Album

This album is beautifully designed for those of us who love to keep a track of our adventures, but don’t have the time to build a big scrapbook of our trips. It is designed to be simple to fill in – just one picture space per country. And you don’t even have to use photos for this. Draw a picture, cut a postcard to size, add in stickers. Whatever you choose works!

This album allows you to gradually build a visual collection of the countries you have visited and enjoy looking back at over your lifetime.


Countries and Territories

‘A Lifetime of Adventure’ includes a picture space for every country in the world as well as overseas territories. 221 spaces to fill in total! Plus there are a few blanks at the end too.


Check List

The first double page is solely a list of all countries and overseas territories for you to check off. This provides a simple way to easily count up how many places you have been to.


World Map

Next there is a world map. This is ready to have countries coloured in as they are visited. Or perhaps add dotted lines showing routes of big adventures. This is a visual page for you to see what areas of the world you have been to and helpful when planning routes of future trips.


Picture Spaces

The remainder of the pages contain a picture square per country as well as a flag that can be coloured in, space for the date/dates you visited that country and a space for a small note. Use the note space to remember where that photo was taken, key favourite locations, favourite food or let the artist inside you out and just get doodling. The photo space could also be filled with cut down postcards, stamps or stickers! Complete your collection any way you like!



New Zealand orders are shipped domestically and will arrive within 3-5 days

International orders take 2-3 weeks.


High Quality Materials

Debossed hard cover using vegan leather. Internal pages are thick 140gsm paper, perfect for writing, drawing and colouring.

Worldwide – A Lifetime of Adventure

SKU: AC001
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