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Affiliate FAQ

Welcome to our Affiliate Program FAQ! Here, we've compiled answers to common queries about signing up, earning commissions, payment schedules, and additional perks. Have a question that's not covered? Don't hesitate to reach out—we're here to help!

How do I sign up as an affiliate?

It's easy! Just log in or create an account on our website using the button at the top. Once logged in, click on the 'Become an Affiliate' button to get started.


How do I get my referral link?

Once you've signed up as an affiliate, you'll automatically receive a unique referral link. This link is what you'll share with your network to generate sales.


When will I receive payments for my sales?

PayPal payments are processed on the 1st of each month for sales generated in the previous month. Keep an eye on your affiliate dashboard for updates.


How long does it take for sales to show in my dashboard?

Sales generated through your referral link may take up to 5 days to appear in your dashboard. If you have any concerns, feel free to reach out for support.


Are there any additional rewards for affiliates?

Absolutely! We occasionally run special promotions where you can earn free products and discount codes to use for yourself or share with your network. Keep an eye out for announcements!


Can I use my affiliate link on social media?

Of course! Feel free to share your affiliate link on your social media channels, website, blog, or any other platform where you have an audience.


What if I have a question that's not listed here?

No worries! We're here to help. Simply reach out using the contact form at the bottom of the Affiliate page, and we'll be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

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